My Fractional CXO

Helping Your Business Cross the Goal Line

Make no mistake, business is a game – one that requires an expert strategy to win

Although you’ve had some success battling your opponent for the W and scored clients, that’s not enough. You need a playbook to scale your operations to take your team to the championships.

That’s where we come in. Think of My Fractional CXO as a coach whose ultimate goal is to keep the ball moving forward. We’re experts in the industry and know what it takes to make a sale and scale a business.

Let us help you bring home the W.

Scouting Report:

This all sounds appealing, but not everyone can play in our league. Here’s what we look for in a potential recruit:

  • You focus in or on the trades with construction, building materials, and service-based business

  • You have a growth mindset & are open to trying new things

  • Your business needs but lacks a CMO/COO/CRO/CSO to grow

  • You have 5-75 employees

  • You want to scale your business

  • You want to work on your business - not in it

  • You want to be proactive - not reactive

  • You’re collaborative and action-oriented

  • You have cash reserves to invest in scaling your business

  • It excites you to be a market leader in your space

  • Deep down, you know your sales, marketing, and operations need improvement

  • You are willing and able to make tough decisions for your company

It’s Go Time

The ball is in your court. If you want to win, call us in from the big leagues!